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The first step in any project, be it small or large, begins with a consultation. This is why I put an important emphasis on establishing an initial consultation session with you, where we get to know each other better and I have the opportunity to learn more about the general scope of your project with its needs and priorities. A typical consultation includes information gathering questions, suggestions, examples and comments that are focused on your specific project situation. The initial contact consultation is usually done via a 90 minute duration video call. Depending on what type and degree of information and services you are seeking and require, a consultation call is a one-time service or a set of consultation calls scheduled at your convenience. Topics generally discussed in a typical consultation call are varied and many, but here are but a few examples: Q&A concerning where and what types of plants to introduce in your garden and problems with growing certain edible plants, Q&A regarding the financial and technical feasability of developping your landscape project (whether from scratch or enhancing an existing space) and tips and tricks on how to use resources such as Google Earth Pro and other design tools to help you with your own designs.

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You are a property owner and are a DIY type of person (or people) with access to resources and equipment. You are motivated and resourceful, but require some assistance and expertize in some areas you're not yet familar with. Your specific situation applies to the following scenarios:
1.You just purchased a piece of land that you want to develop into a permaculture and/or off-grid living arrangement, but just don't know where to start and feel overwhelmed.
2. You own a small rural farm, homestead and/or off-grid property and want to expand and develop the land further (e.g. designing and planting shelterbelts, permaculture orchard and perennial edible plant guilds, water management solutions, to name but a few).
3. You own a property in an urban or sub-urban situation and want to create or transform your property into a more productive and ecological space that extends beyond just a mere grass lawn, plus surrounding yourself by a beautiful garden oasis (e.g. permeable grass paver driveway, planting edible perennials, supported by pollinator species to attract wildlife and birds, to name but a few).
4. Your situation falls into any of the categories mentioned above, though you are looking for hands-on and 1-on-1 on-site training/education related to knowledge and techniques you need to acquire in a short period of time.

Pierre Duranleau

With more than 30 years of experience with a foundation in the creative fields of the visual arts, computer animation, garden, landscape and permaculture design, my track record includes an eclectic wealth and range of talent, knowledge and experience as a practitionner in the disciplines and domains of the arts and design. My strengths lie in my ability to capture, translate, express and facilitate my clients’ and partners’ visions, from the initial consultation, information gathering and conceptual phases, to the actual completion of the final project, while always respecting the intentions, needs, goals and budgetary requirements of my clients and partners.

BOOK A CONSULTATION CALL AND HOW IT WORKSBook your consultation with Calendly - the BOOK A CALL link is just bellow this text box. Once your consultation is booked, Calendly will send you an email confirming the date and time of your consultation session with me, including my contact email address.
A minimum of 48 hours prior to your call, it is important to send me your prioritized supporting consultation documents and materials (e.g. as many images of your property as you can send, other related images (e.g. ideas, plants, etc.), site plans and general notes about what you want to discuss during your consultation session, so we can take full advantage of your consultation call time. If you need to re-schedule your consultation call, please do so 48 hours prior to the date of your initial booked consultation call: this is important, as there is a no-refund policy for booked calls that are canceled after the 48 hour re-scheduling period.
PRICINGThe duration of your consultation call is 90 minutes, which generally gives us enough time to discuss and go over your list of prioritized questions, items and issues. It is also important to note, that the consultation pricing includes the time I devote to reviewing your consultation support materials in preparation for and prior to our booked call. In addition, you receive the recording of your consultation which you can rewatch at your convenience.Booking Option A: 90 minute consultation call: $300

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“We are completely satisfied with Pierre's services. A design was drawn up for our garden according to our tastes while respecting our budget. A few days later we received a colour plan indicating the name of the proposed plants, detailing each plant with its characteristics and uses. Following Pierre’s advice, we opted for native plants, and grass surfaces have been replaced by mulch, which means that apart from minimum watering, we have no maintenance to do. The project was done in a few days and the results are spectacular.“Danielle and Marcel

Urban Pollinator Garden

Urban Pollinator Garden

A Sample Of Some Of My Projects

Urban Roof Garden

Urban Oasis Garden

Having consulted for, designed and built hundreds of landscape, garden and permaculture projects for decades, I have acquired and accumulated the necessary experience and knowledge to assit you at every phase of your specific personalized project, however small or large it is. The location and types of projects I am involved with range from urban and sub-urban spaces, to rural and country landscape situations (e.g. small farm, off-grid and cottage properties). Though my services and projects cater more to the individual residential and rural property owner, I also consult and design for other garden and landscape firms as well. My designs and projects have also been featured in various publications.As part of my design toolkit, I have an extensive background and knowledge working with 2d and 3d design software products, including Dynascape, Autocad, Google Earth Pro, Photoshop and more.My educational and academic credentials include the following:PDC – Permaculture Design Certificate – P3 Permaculture: Teacher: Graham Calder, MontrealCertificates of Completion in Green Roof Technologies – Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, TorontoCertificat en Design de Jardin Résidentiel – Université de MontrealBFA – Concordia University, Montreal


“We hired Pierre following the construction of our country residence 5 years ago. The property was perturbed as a result of the construction work and landscaping of a new driveway, which involved the loss of vegetation on one level and water flow issues on another. Pierre started work back in 2018, in order to re-vegetate the property with slope stabilization and water management strategies, using indigenous plant species, deer-proof techniques and natural materials in the process. The site regeneration project is still on-going, but Pierre’s expertize and design ideas solved many of the landscape challenges we faced after our new residence was built. Pierre was and is a perfect fit for our specific type of project; easy to work with, professional and very flexible.”

Urban Roof Garden

Soil Stabilization Strategy

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